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Jun 27, 2010

Early Detection Can Prevent Major PC Damage

Just like in the medical profession, all PC problems that are detected early will be sure to save time, money and major frustration issues.

Viruses and Early Detection

The first viruses were written for nothing more than pranks. Today, viruses are meant to cause major damage to the Operating System, your personal data, and to even steal your identity.  This makes it imperative to do early detection of viruses in order to minimize the extent of the damage and/or theft of identity factors.

Jun 6, 2010

Buy A New Computer – or Repair The One You Have?

If you’re like most consumers, your computer is now more than a year old.  You have come to love it, as you spend most of your wakeful hours working and playing on this machine.  You have become comfortable with the organizations of your browser favorites, like the shortcuts on your desktop, and fully enjoy the applications you downloaded and use every day.  But yes, the performance has slowed down, and yes, there are pop-ups and error messages now and then, even crashing and freezing has started to become more frequent – and in the middle of a chat session.