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Aug 10, 2011

The Windows Recovery Virus Returns

Over the past few weeks we have been receiving comments from technicians and private subscribers who have used Reimage to resolve the Windows Recovery Virus.

This virus has been around for a while but has recently resurfaced. The Windows Recovery Virus is a harmful malware that disguises itself as a certified Microsoft optimization program, initiating a scan of the user’s hard-drive, with or without permission. Once this has happened, we must assume that the virus has infiltrated the system, effectively hijacking it by modifying the system settings. It then proceeds to disable any anti-virus and firewall applications. In many cases, the virus prevents any installed programs from running, rendering the PC virtually unusable. To add insult to injury, the virus repeatedly prompts the user to purchase the Windows Recovery registration key, in order to repair the unstable system.

Aug 1, 2011

Reimage is a Certified McAfee Secure Site.

Reiamge & McAfee Security SealBearing the McAfee SECURE™ seal since October 2010, joins an exclusive group of thousands of Websites committed online user privacy, safety and trust.
The McAfee SECURE™ seal ensures users that our website is tested daily for hacker vulnerabilities using high-end technology and experience, so that you can search, surf and shop more safely. The trustmark will only appear after the website has passed the intensive, daily security scan, using an army of computers, to test for all possible online scams and threats.
McAfee also offers users SiteAdvisor, a free application that can be downloaded and installed in your browser adding site rating icons to your search results, in addition to a browser button and an optional search box. Combined, these alerts will warn the user of potentially dangerous websites, and offer safer alternative sites.

What is Reimage?

Reimage is the only program of its kind.
It's not only a registry fix, PC optimizer or an anti virus - The Reimage program reverses damage to your Windows OS, eliminating the need for reinstalling.

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