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Dec 17, 2008
Valerie Hayworth

Survey Proves, Reimage Reduces Time And Effort Spent On Malware

Eighty percent of respondents reported that it takes at least half a day to a day to clean, re-image, and restore PCs affected by malware“, this claim by GreenBorder Technologies has been released today and is, indeed, in keeping with Reimage research.  Their main claim is that if only a business is prepared for such disasters much time would be saved.

Reimage’s premise is much simpler: We don’t need preparation. The Reimage technology is initiated on an ad hoc basis. For future reference, if you haven’t invested in a system allowing to rollback the old system image, you should try using Reimage and cut down that annoying process to a 22 minute, one click solution.

Dec 1, 2008

November: Slowdown in PC upgrades

Reimage repairs show an increase in low RAM. Reimage low RAM alerts (less than 512 MB) during the repair process have soared to 11% during November from 8% during August. A statistical analysis shows a 72% increase in lower RAM indicating the general public, having repaired 54,463 PCs during this time period, is putting off new PC purchases andor upgrades.

Nov 25, 2008

MySpace virus

Social networks are fast becoming a security hazard. Yet another virus, this time on MySpace. We expect anti virus vendors to add detection for it over the following 24 hours.

How the malware spreads is not clear as of yet, but the screen-shot below shows an example of how a popup windows shows up and asks you to download an XP update when you visit an affected profile page.

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Nov 4, 2008
Valerie Hayworth

New Technology Beats AntiViruses and More…

We had a lot of fun with this experiment. We went to all the nastiest sites and engaged in the most dubious on-line activities. A few days on, the PC ground to halt with so many nasty viruses, trojans, malware and corruption that we thought the time was right to initiate the experiment. Pitching Reimage against multiple anti viruses, registry cleaners and spyware removal programs, here are the results:

Nov 2, 2008
Valerie Hayworth

Technophobia: From King Ludd to Hal the IT Admin

Last Monday it suddenly struck me: Technology (really) creates antagonism. New technologies that emerge and sweep aside old practices are initially resisted and eventually, unavoidably, adopted. In business theory it’s called the product life cycle, where 2.5% of the potential market are deemed “early adopters” and love the new tech. Eventually the rest of the market follows (defined in biz theory as Laggards).

King Ludd
Ned Ludd in Action

The most interesting case of this is, of course, “King” Ludd the fictitious leader of the Luddite movement that  objected to the

Oct 29, 2008
Valerie Hayworth

11/08 – The Fix: A Reimage Update

The Fix – Reimage’s newsletter for November 2008 is out!

What’s new:

  • Increase in Repair Scope – Reimage is now more thorough in its repair approach and offers, since version 1182 (3rd of October), an unprecedented quality of repair.
  • Anti-Virus Integrated – Reimage now employs AVG Anti-Virus to clean up the viruses effecting the operating system.Coming next: remove viruses, in one click, not only from the operating system but from the hard-drive as well.
  • PC Repair Reports in all Subscription Accounts – View, within your account, an automatically generated report of your customers’ PC, serving as a dashboard to track your Reimage usage.
Oct 19, 2008

Reimage cures corrupted registry blues

Reimage preserves your data

Looking through the Microsoft knowledge base, I stumbled upon this neat little list of the most popular KB articles of the last three months. Through these popularity ratings, you can see the information that most people are looking for, and this can give you a vague idea of the most common problems encountered.

Number 17 on the latest chart is an article describing the manual solution for a corrupted registry.

Oct 16, 2008

AntiVirus 2009 – Don’t feed the beast!

Anti-Virus 2009 nearly swindles another helpless victim! Reimage’s R&D Director’s girlfriend was saved from paying the ransom!

A long, long, time ago, a computer virus was a program that would delete some files, format your disk and generally vandalize your PC. Nowadays, viruses are about making $$$. Viruses have become a $14 billion Dollar industry that is all about stealing your money with bogus software or generate traffic to websites.

Oct 7, 2008

The recession is here

NASDAQ October 5th 2008

NASDAQ October 5th 2008

As I am writing these lines I see the title on the news website – “2.2 Trillion USD lost”. The world is in recession! My way to define a recession is when people will keep their money deep in their pockets and will not spend it. This means less of a turnaround, less production, less salaries, you get the point. It is a self sufficient system.

I, f course, have only one thought, is it good for our business Reimage? Clearly, YES!

Oct 6, 2008

Who needs a PC repair?

I am getting this question a lot! Who needs PC repair and what operating systems need repairs? Here is a graph of the volume of the search for problems with related to XP, VISTA, and MAC.
Repair trends

Repair trends

XP is #1, VISTA is #2 and MAC is #3 (October, 2008)

It obvious now that XP is going to be around for some time. Vista is not picking up yet and the recession is slowing down the new PCs purchasing. With that volume, about 1 million PCs in the states need help, per day!