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Jul 25, 2011

The Daily reports Reimage turns heads at TechCrunch Disrupt 2011

The Daily

Aston Kutcher wasn’t the only thing to impress the crowds at this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt in New York. Reimage enjoyed a lot of attention and interest at the international conference, where it was recently singled out by “The Daily” the latest up-and-coming online news magazine.
Disrupt is a conference, organized twice a year, by the popular tech-blog “TechCrunch”. It serves as an opportunity for founders and entrepreneurs from around the world to showcase their startup ideas in front of an all-star panel consisting of the biggest innovators, angels, investors and influencers in the tech world, such as Google CEO, Eric Schmidt.

Jun 30, 2011

To all our US based followers- Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy 4th of July- 20% Off

We are celebrating with you by giving you 20% off our original prices. Enjoy!!!

Jun 23, 2011
Valerie Hayworth

The Software Frankenstein

Reimage brings computers back from the dead and pulls our failing XP systems from the murky waters mal-ware. Reimage does indeed work in some mysterious ways and, because we fix clashes between the operating system and software, results in some pretty incredible results.

May 18, 2011

Internet Disrupting More Industries?

TechCrunch Disrupt May 2011

You’ve probably heard of TechCrunch, the company dedicated to profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies on its blog, as well as running several technology-focused websites. But did you know they also hold conferences a few times a year?

The latest TechCrunch contest is called TechCrunch Disrupt, taking place in New York City, May 23-25, 2011. It’s a great place for emerging software start-ups to compete for fame and fortune, as well as meeting like-minded professionals in the software industry. The upcoming conference features speakers from the high tech world who will discuss the Internet “disruption” in industries ranging from media, social commerce, payments to transportation.

Nov 29, 2010
Valerie Hayworth

Get Your Computer Ready for Holiday 2010

The Holiday 2010 shopping sprees are in full swing. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas sales and discounts are plenty and you’re no doubt going over your Christmas list and checking it twice. Maybe even thinking of upgrading your current computer for a new one? After all, they’re on sale.

However, there are important things to consider before getting yourself a brand spanking new piece of hardware, or just getting your semi-new workstation ready for the Holiday 2010 shopping season — whether you’re purchasing gifts online or video chatting with friends on your webcam.

Oct 27, 2010

October Newsletter

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Reimage Reimage Newsletter – Oct 2010
Welcome to the Reimage Newsletter
Dear customer,
What’s new at Reimage?
Reimage now has a Repair Summary with detailed information about each repair performed. This summary shows exactly what was repaired is available to all customers. Customers can access the full report at the end of each repair.
Read more news here.
Sincerly your,
The Reimage Team
Sep 28, 2010

Surf the Web with IE 9 – Reimage Has Got You Covered

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 Beta, the latest version of its popular browser software. For this release the company focused on paring down the browser experience so that users can quickly and easily access rich, HTML5-enabled sites.

1. Should You Upgrade? We’ve Got You Covered.

The virtual world is constantly updating, as we all know. But Reimage has got you covered.

Reimage Customers Browser Statistics

Reimage Customer's Browser Statistics

Sep 5, 2010

September Newsletter

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We offer a discount coupon or other fantastic & exclusive offer to our Reimage newsletter subscribers! 

For the September newsletter, we offered a $10 off coupon, available to subscribers only.

Reimage Reimage Newstetter – Sep 2010
Welcome to the Reimage Newsletter
Dear customer,
Once upon a time, you registered to receive our newsletter. You can expect to read about tips & tricks on maintaining your PC, exciting industry-related news and compelling articles.
Wait, what is Reimage again?
Reimage is an automatic Windows repair tool that can easily be used by the average home PC user. Unlike other market solutions, Reimage uses “spare parts” to replace corrupted and missing files and reverse damage caused by malware.
Sincerely yours,

The Reimage Team

Sep 2, 2010

The PC Key to Happiness – A Properly Maintained OS

Routine maintenance is highly recommended to guarantee efficient and reliable PC performance, even when there is nothing clearly wrong with your computer. Failure to perform maintenance on your PC will eventually cost you – whether it’s in the form of money spent on repair or replacement, loss of data and/or time wasted.

These days money unnecessarily spent hurts more than ever, and the important files that we keep stored on our computers are sometimes irreplaceable. Maintenance can help you achieve the best performance out of your PC without making a costly trip to your local repair shop to help you fix a problem you could have prevented yourself.

Jul 8, 2010

Who is Your PC’s Worst Enemy?

In an ideal world, all PCs would have exactly the same hardware configuration, and it wouldn’t matter what you do on your PC, how much hardware or software you load, what software you download from the internet, what you install on the computer, what you remove and uninstall, or how many different programs you launch concurrently. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. And you don’t have to use a PC for very long to know that things don’t always work the way they should. In fact, in the real world, if you buy the exact same PC as your friend, with the same operating system, you are likely to have two completely different computers in a very short time.