May 17, 2010

What You Should Use to Fix Your PC: Registry Cleaners vs. Anti-Virus

If you’re computer is crashing and freezing all the time and some funny looking blue screen pops up every once in awhile, you may have some problems with your PC. Even if you don’t think you have problems with your PC, you probably still do. When your Internet Explorer shuts down every once in awhile while you’re browsing or you get an error message when you try to run a program, something is wrong with your PC. At this point, you have a couple options. You may want to choose a registry cleaner or you might want to use an anti-virus service. What happens if you need both or something completely different? Let’s clear up some confusion, in case there is any.

Registry Cleaners

Registry cleaners work much like industrial lubricant for machines; kind of like oiling the cogs so that the machine will run better, this is a function which comes as regular maintenance and doesn’t provide any long term assurance for functionality of actual files or components within your machine. The actual technical purpose is to remove obsolete links to orphaned files, let’s say for instance that you’ve created a link on your desktop to a file on your hard drive, after you’ve deleted that file the link still remains but points to a file which doesn’t exist on your machine any longer – this is called an orphaned link.

Sometimes there is certain software which installs a new version of a DLL on your machine, but instead of deleting the old link referring to an obsolete version it just creates a new link to point at the new DLL – and this happens for many files on each install of new software, which means the old remaining links stack up and can cause a slowdown which won’t be noticed by a human being on a singular incident but might cause a general slowdown in the long run.

Anti-Virus Software

Anti-Virus software prevents, detects, and removes viruses, Trojans, malware, spyware, and the like. They help protect your computer against hackers and identity theft. Anti-Virus programs are usually more updated to be able to protect against the most updated viruses. You also need to be careful when choosing your Anti-Virus/Spyware software because if it isn’t designed well it may also mistake important files for viruses (and like Registry Cleaners) accidentally delete important files or essential components that allow your computer to run properly. **Let’s not forget that in most cases, these programs don’t reverse the damage that has been done to corrupted and damaged files.

Now what happens when you need to use a service that will both “tune up” your PC and remove malware? More often than not, it isn’t just one problem that’s slowing your computer down. If you have error messages and your computer is slower, it might be a combination of problems that will require a program that removes anti-viruses and fixes bugs within the registry. If only there were a product out there that could do everything. Actually, this is the idea behind the Reimage software. It’s one program that you use one time to remove viruses, Trojans, malware AND to clean the registry AND determine hardware issues. The product also repairs and reverses the damage done by replacing deleted, missing, or corrupted components of essential files with new and updated files stored in Reimage’s online warehouse (a database of over 25 million essential components/spare parts to replace those that were damaged on your PC ).

If you are choosing between a registry cleaner and an anti-virus program, you need to know what is actually causing the problem on your computer, otherwise if you choose the wrong solution, you might make the state of your computer even worse. If you have a program that deals with all the problems, all you need to focus on is letting the program fix your PC.

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