Oct 7, 2008

The recession is here

NASDAQ October 5th 2008

NASDAQ October 5th 2008

As I am writing these lines I see the title on the news website – “2.2 Trillion USD lost”. The world is in recession! My way to define a recession is when people will keep their money deep in their pockets and will not spend it. This means less of a turnaround, less production, less salaries, you get the point. It is a self sufficient system.

I, f course, have only one thought, is it good for our business Reimage? Clearly, YES!

I think that our market size has doubled over night. The question whether one should buy a new computer or fix the existing one will now be answered: I (the end user) will buy a new one next year (when things pick up), in the meanwhile I’d like to repair it.

Folks, there is nothing wrong with older PCs, it’s not as if they have a small hamster built in that retires after a while. Think about it, when you get your PC, Windows works fine and everything runs OK, it is just getting cluttered, windows updates break, 3rd party applications modify shared items, etc.

Reimage is so good at repairing that, you now see why the recession has the PC repair industry, and Reimage, in high spirits.

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