Nov 29, 2010
Valerie Hayworth

December Poll: How Old Is Your Computer?

Please take a moment to vote in our December poll. We realize that some people have more than one computer so go ahead and tick off the ages of all of them!

How old is your computer?

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  • I have windows 7 Will it work on Windows 7

    I had Reimage a few months ago and since I had a 64 bit sofeware It would not preform on my computer.

    If it does all it says it would do I would like to have the 64bit version.

    John Hemphill

  • Reimage was a terrific on the New Computer with Windows 7 operating system, when it crashed. Of course for that I will
    ALWAYS blame Windows 7 as the culprit. In my humble opinion, it is a rotten system. So happy I was able to save the old and good computer with Windows XP

  • I have windows 7 64bit on my computer and ReImage works just fine.

  • What I did was to put the average of my 4 computers. I have as old as 9 years alptop. I am collecting laptop to give then away for pour cubans students or schools. There are no good computers ( 386, pentium, that is if you if you find one. Laptops are complete system to take, it is easier way. I have done that for the last 4 years, and any software is more than welcome.

  • My first acquaintance with Reimage was last February, after a nearby lightning strike caused a more than moderate software corruption in my main computer. At that time, a single Reimage run cost $48. But it fixed the problem, making it worth the expense. Now, with the new and cheaper yearly unlimited-use license covering all my computers, I am sold on Reimage. I can do repairs any time I suspect system software corruption, and with more feedback from Reimage during the repair run. Once I had to repeat a repair when the first one did not show any improvement, but the second run resulted in a fix. (No I don’t have any stock in the Reimage corporation or a relative working for it.)

  • I had windows 7 but it failed to load after a lighting strike, as did my printer, scanner,Fax, Wester Digital desk top hard drive and of all the items fried my surge protector was toasted. So I reloaded vista. However I believe it is vista 32. If possible I would love to try the new product as I lost everything after the lighting. I could not afford to buy windows 7 a second time so I used the old Acer Restore disk and started to load all the original Acer material and VISTA again. I hate vista as compared to my windows 7 but windows 7 is gone forever. I lost my keys and everything else all at once. I wish I had a complete image of all my software and operating system. Thanks Rod Garnett

  • I have a Windows Vista, IE 8spk 2. I just purchased Reimage and it worked great. I do have an “old dinosaur” but it’s still working and I wish I could use it on there. It really needs to be cleaned up. If its possible please let me know. Thank you, DE

  • hi

    my name is dan and me prablom is vaild windows how can i fix that or cleand up the pc
    thank you

  • I have the repair program which is great, the ownly thing I hate about the repair is that after the repair all the updates have to be reloaded(last time 89 updates and this takes over l and a half hours. I do not see why I must reload the updates and you can not write something in the repair program to stop this. Are not the piece you replace up to date with the updates included in them.

    • Hi Richard, this problem has since been fixed in the latest version!!

      -The Reimage Team

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