Sep 2, 2010

How do you maintain your computer?

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How do you maintain your computer?

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  • I definately think the Reimage program is worthwhile and technically desireable, but, after so many years of having to purchase diagnostic software that ends after one year, I feel this software is too expensive for me. Several years ago I purchased a lifetime license for Bug Doctor and I believed any software that came from your company. I’ve had difficulty keeping Bug Doctor functioning in my pc, so I have deleted it. If your new program was less expensive I would seriously consider it for my pc.

    • Hi Joseph – thanks for your comment.

      It seems you have us confused with a program called Bug Doctor? Reimage is not affiliated with Bug Doctor in any way.

      Stay tuned for more Reimage news & know that we frequently send discount coupons to newsletter subscribers.

      -The Reimage Team

  • I also use Registry Mechanic to keep my registry clean.

  • Here’s how I maintain my system. I banned Microsoft products and went with Ubuntu Linux. It’s far superior. For the 2 apps I really really really need that don’t run on Ubuntu, XP under Virtual Box works great!

  • format & reinstall

  • anti-virus, fire wall

  • O&O Defrag
    Windows Essentials
    Glary Utilities & others

  • ……………So far , so good!

  • Microsoft’s Windows Registry seems to be the cause of many system problems.

    I have used different registry cleaners and find not one of them is 100% reliable.
    Most developers of custom software need correct entries in the Registry of the machine
    used to compile and distibute custom software.
    For this reason I need to know a lot more about repair tools.

    Can you help with this?

    • Hi Jack – Thanks for your question.

      Registry cleaners don’t actually replace broken files – They only manipulate registry keys locally.

      Reimage is not a registry cleaner, have a look at our Technology page here for more information on how we differ from a mere registry cleaner.

      - The Reimage Team

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  • I am a subscriber since 2006 for System mechanic Pro from Iolo technology.They have improved over the past few years. Now it runs smooth.

  • Firstly I have at least 3 instances of Windows on my PC, one of which is a bare bones separate installation. The others are clones obtained by using HyperOS.

    In addition each instance is backed up by again using HyperOS and Acronis True Image

  • I do not use Windows defrag as it is far too slow. I use Golden Bow Systems VOPT9 every morning when I turn the machine on. I also use PCPitstop Optimise (except its American and spells it incorrectly with a Z) and PCPitstop Exterminate; these two are also used first thing every day. I use Registry Mechanic and CCleaner now and then. Reimage is also used as a last resort.

  • Hi, Yes— I do understand what Reimage is –and I no that it is much more than just a Registry cleaner.–It actually fixers your slow computer with parts. I do believe that Reimage is a great program to have on your Computer but too exspensive for me while my computer is just fine.I have window 7 and all has been going well—if and when my computer does get sick I will certainly be getting in touch with Reimage.
    I am a fan of the Paretologiic team & software they sell and I have 4 of their programs.—They are cheaper—but are yearly only —which I do like.

  • I purchased a new computer in Aug with windows 7- 64 bit having plenty of disk space and ram, etc I think my computer could handle the space shuttle. :-)

    However, I purchased Reimage, after I came to terms with the price, and it found quite a number of repairs that needed fixing. I’m very careful about cleaning out the junk, defraging etc so I was surprised my baby needed it’s diaper changed so soon, but at the moment she back to normal and running like stink!


    • Hi Larry, we’re so pleased to hear that you’re happy with Reimage. Thank you so much for your comment!

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