Dec 30, 2010
Valerie Hayworth

January Poll: What is your experience with registry cleaners?

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What is your experience with registry cleaners?

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  • They always leave the o/s damaged

  • I use Uniblue that works fine

  • It works! What more is there to say

  • Previously I had used registry cleaners but the one ‘crash’ I had was immediately after using registry cleaners and another time when I had to use Reimage to sort out my problems was again after using a registry cleaner. I looked at forums discussing the merits of these cleaners and was convinced they do more harm than good. So I have now deleted all registry cleaners from my computer.

  • I would have added at least one extra option -

    “I’ve used them. Some were effective whilst others caused problems. I still used them occasionally.”

  • I have never seen a program so efective to mantain a PC in good standing and most important how good can you keep it.

  • I have used 3 Registry cleaners. Reimage being the 3rd one. I have to say that finally I think this one works and does exactly what it says. I have had a problem with a DLL error and it looks like finally it has been resolved. I still think that it is pretty bad when I cannot remove a program from my PC without having errors showing up. Then relying on more software to cure the problem.

  • I use the Registry Cleaner contained in the jv16Power Tools suite on a monthly basis. It has the facility to set the ‘depth’ of cleaning and I use the level which avoids the Operating System and have been happy with the results.

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