Nov 29, 2010
Valerie Hayworth

Get Your Computer Ready for Holiday 2010

The Holiday 2010 shopping sprees are in full swing. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas sales and discounts are plenty and you’re no doubt going over your Christmas list and checking it twice. Maybe even thinking of upgrading your current computer for a new one? After all, they’re on sale.

However, there are important things to consider before getting yourself a brand spanking new piece of hardware, or just getting your semi-new workstation ready for the Holiday 2010 shopping season — whether you’re purchasing gifts online or video chatting with friends on your webcam.

Weigh in Your Options – Should You Buy a New Computer?

We’ve compiled the following compelling PC statistics that will help you decide if you should buy a new computer this Holiday season. Add this to your list of Pros and Cons.

Reimage User Statistics: Age of PC’s repaired

We were really shocked by these results. We figured the majority of our customers were trying to fix their old computers by using Reimage. This is simply not true, as this graph clearly illustrates. In fact, during the last six months, Reimage has fixed significantly more new computers than old.

To put it simply: It does not matter how old or new your computer is, you’ll eventually need a thorough repair.

Reimage User Statistics: Repair by OS Configuration

We think the message here is pretty clear… Fix It, Don’t Nix It!

Get Your Computer Ready for Holiday 2010 – And Avoid Replacing It for the New Year

Get Ready: Shopping Online

There’s nothing more irritating than finding the perfect gift online, paying for it and having your browser or entire computer crash in the middle of the transaction. You’re left wondering: Did it go through? Do I have to enter my credit card details again? What if I accidentally pay for it twice!? Then you’ll have to go through customer support. And what if the company’s customer support doesn’t answer your phone calls and emails in the middle of the holiday rush?

Or, you wait for the last possible second to bid on an eBay auction and your computer freezes – thereby losing that perfect, one-of-a-kind gift forever. As an avid online shopper, this has happened to me plenty of times. Avoid the headache this holiday season. Get your computer (and browser) ready for your online shopping sprees. (Psst, Reimage doesn’t only fix Windows operating systems but Microsoft browsers and other programs as well – find out which ones.)

Get Ready: Holiday Fun & Not-So-Fun

Come the Holidays and New Year, you’ll probably be using your PC to chat with friends and relatives on messenger, webcam and social networks. Maybe even to watch Home Alone online for the tenth year in a row, in the name of tradition. And probably a bit of Holiday work too: writing emails, paying bills, the boring stuff.

Don’t get stuck with a broken computer this holiday season AND save your money to buy more presents!

Whatever You Do: Don’t Be That Guy

If your computer starts with the crashing and freezing during that critical moment, it’s tempting to call a friend over that knows how to fix computer errors. But, please don’t. Don’t be this guy. Technicians need a holiday too! Just fix it yourself, with an easy to use, fast and friendly program like Reimage. (And if you have any problems, we’ll be there for you, even on Christmas and New Year’s).

Ways to Keep Your PC New – DIY Hardware Check-Up

While Reimage gives you a free in-depth scan report on your PC, and completely repairs, rebuilds and refreshes your Windows OS, it can’t fix your hardware problems for you. Use these DIY tips to check up on your hardware and optimize it yourself. It’s mostly tips for XP, but can easily be used on other Windows operating systems.

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