Dec 27, 2011

Looking Forward to 2012

It’s the last week of the year, but 2011 is far from over.

Whether you’ve followed the political revolutions or the economic reformations, the events of this year will resonate for the rest of this decade, if not longer.

Where technology is concerned, this year has been pivotal. This will forever be the year the world lost Steve Jobs, possibly the greatest innovator of commercial technology since Thomas Edison. However Mr. Jobs did not part this world before we had all realized what he already knew: the future of the personal computer is mobility, agility and simplicity. In years to come 2011 may mark the beginning of the end of a second generation of users, still chained by mouse and keyboard to hulking PCs, still tethered to wall sockets, to draw sustenance of both power and information.

Windows 8 (scheduled Beta release is February 2012), has already anticipated this major shift. The new Metro GUI is designed to be used by a tablet or touchscreen interface (mouse and keyboard interface will still be available). By replacing the old boot sequence and runtime engine, this platform looks like it may well prove to be faster and more user-intuitive than we imagined.

We’ve been excited about Windows 8 for a while, and 2012 will see Reimage support for Windows 8, to include support for the new Windows 8 tablets.

Windows XP users will be glad to hear that recent studies have acknowledged the decade-old platform remains almost as popular (38.5% global market share) as its younger sibling, Windows 7 (40.5%). Unfortunately, the popularity of this operating system comes with a price. F-secure, the global online watchdog, speculates that XP will become a popular punching bag for malware and spyware throughout 2012.
Here at Reimage we’re not planning on waiting for this prophecy to fulfill itself. Not only will we continue our committed support for Windows XP users, but we have already begun making the necessary optimizations to increase speed and efficiency to further ensure the reliability of our product.

This coming year, Reimage will be expanding its support division. Our new International Call Center will be opening soon, and we are already close to releasing new language packs and help files for Reimage users.

A Reimage Boot CD/Flash-drive will also be available to both Professional and Home subscribers. This will allow subscribers to reboot a system, even in its most severe state, to run the minimum modules and system devices in order to connect to the online Reimage repository and perform a complete and updated repair. This will be available for Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

As always, we have enjoyed your comments and feedback. In particular, the buzz generated by our recent Tips & Tricks blog posts. Many readers have been writing and asking for more tips and advice about various PC hardware and software (even a few game related requests) and we will be happy to oblige by continuing with these posts.

So here’s to a great and worry free New Year!

Happy Holidays,
-From all of us here at Reimage.

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