Sep 5, 2010

September Newsletter

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Wait, what is Reimage again?
Reimage is an automatic Windows repair tool that can easily be used by the average home PC user. Unlike other market solutions, Reimage uses “spare parts” to replace corrupted and missing files and reverse damage caused by malware.
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The PC Key to Happiness – A Properly Maintained OS
The PC Key to Happiness - A Properly Maintained OS

Routine maintenance is highly recommended to guarantee efficient and reliable PC performance, even when there is nothing clearly wrong with your computer. Failure to perform maintenance on your PC will eventually cost you – whether it’s in the form of money spent on repair or replacement, loss of data and/or time wasted.

These days money unnecessarily spent hurts more than ever, and the important files that we keep stored on our computers are sometimes irreplaceable.

A 1/3 of Reimage users are running outdated Service Packs
Out of all Reimage’s repairs – 36.6% are outdated and 63.4% are up to date
A 1/3 of Reimage customers are running outdated Service Packs
PC Tips
Check your computer for updates

Use your Windows tools to easily check your computer for updates.

PC Maintainance
How do you maintain your computer?
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Reimage online PC Repair Technology scans, fixes and repairs Windows platforms renewing the operating system by using a spare parts repository to actually replace old and damaged files.

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