Sep 28, 2010

Surf the Web with IE 9 – Reimage Has Got You Covered

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 Beta, the latest version of its popular browser software. For this release the company focused on paring down the browser experience so that users can quickly and easily access rich, HTML5-enabled sites.

1. Should You Upgrade? We’ve Got You Covered.

The virtual world is constantly updating, as we all know. But Reimage has got you covered.

Reimage Customers Browser Statistics

Reimage Customer's Browser Statistics

Our statistics show that 75 percent of our customers use Internet Explorer as their browser – So the first thing we needed to do is update our repositories with all the files needed to repair IE9 if this is your new browser choice.  Our latest product version, did just that, so go ahead and upgrade all of your programs to your heart’s content.  Reimage’s online database is constantly updating and evolving to include new versions of software as soon as they’re launched – you don’t have to wait to upgrade because you’re worried about incompatibility.

The second thing we needed to do was understand the technology in order to understand the problems that may occur when our customers are using it.  This helps us create the files and folders properly, and helps us support our customers when they have a problem.

2. Why We Like IE9

Better Management of Add-Ons Equals Better Browser Stability

IE9 will also support better management of add-ons since “add-ons cause 75 percent of all crashes in IE,” Hachamovitch said. The new add-on manager will alert users to add-ons that are using too many system resources and allow users to shut them down in one click.

More Security in IE9 Equals Better Malware Protection

The IE9 download manager has also provides more security. “It is like an early warning system for malware. Correct files just run. Suspected malware get a ‘This file is not commonly downloaded, do you want to delete it’ warning,” he said.

A Better Web Experience – Enjoy Browsing More

“IE9 has a clean new design,” Dean Hachamovitch, corporate vice president for Internet Explorer, said at Microsoft’s launch event. “It puts the focus on the site, not the browser. Eight million users’ Web experience just got better on Windows with IE9.”

Still Using Windows XP? Can’t Use IE9?

Percentage of Oss repaired by Reimage

According to our statistics, 62 percent of our customers still use Windows XP. Unfortunately, Windows XP users won’t be able to take advantage of the new Internet Explorer 9 browser update. However, we have updated our components in each of the online OS databases to cover other browser options for you. Upgrade to IE 8 here.


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