Jun 23, 2011
Valerie Hayworth

The Software Frankenstein

Reimage brings computers back from the dead and pulls our failing XP systems from the murky waters mal-ware. Reimage does indeed work in some mysterious ways and, because we fix clashes between the operating system and software, results in some pretty incredible results.

My favorite Reimage fix was when I was working on a presentation due in a few hours and the letters kept overlapping on each other. The letter A was ever so slightly placed over the letter B and so on… this was HIGHLY annoying. In my despair, I swivelled round in my chair and asked a colleague what to do (yes, I’m not very tech savvy). Being particularly busy at the time my colleague shrugged his shoulders and retorted “why not run Reimage?”. I was super skeptical, but 17 minutes later and Voil√† all my sorrows were wisked away. The presentation was a success and the letters all kept their proper, work safe, distance from one another.

It’s just one of those inevitable things that happen in a Windows based operating system and politics: corruption is inevitable. Windows slows down, starts to crash, experiences the lovely blue screen of death just when you are about to save that document you have been working on for the last 5 hours.

I came across this hilarious video that really says it all.

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