Jul 8, 2010

Who is Your PC’s Worst Enemy?

In an ideal world, all PCs would have exactly the same hardware configuration, and it wouldn’t matter what you do on your PC, how much hardware or software you load, what software you download from the internet, what you install on the computer, what you remove and uninstall, or how many different programs you launch concurrently. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. And you don’t have to use a PC for very long to know that things don’t always work the way they should. In fact, in the real world, if you buy the exact same PC as your friend, with the same operating system, you are likely to have two completely different computers in a very short time.

In today’s  insecure internet environment, you are also very likely to quickly catch some viruses or malware. So you purchase an antivirus, find the contaminating little creature, delete it, and applaud yourself for winning this battle.  Antivirus software is a nice tool, but since they find and delete only the virus, you are still left with the damage that already has been done to your PC. Congratulations!!  You are not contaminated any more, but your PC is still very sick.

Soon your PC starts behaving strangely. It is much slower, it takes its own time now, there are DLL and other errors, and it freezes once in a while, and even decides to reboot itself right in the middle of your winning poker game.

Every new thing that you attempt to do with our PC: a new program that you download, an email attachment you open, a new game you try to play, changes your PC, forever.

You are officially your computers worst enemy!

So you say, “I’ll find what the problem is online!” Well, after trying to read some tech forums and blogs, you know you won’t find it.

You are more likely thinking now to call a technician and say goodbye to a few hundred dollars just for him to tell you that you need to re-install your PC.  In fact, technicians can’t go file by file and find the corrupted ones, then look them up online, download and install them.  On average, a PC has over 250,000 files that make it run efficiently.

How about an online solution? Since you are the worst enemy of your PC, and you will continue to download files, open emails, etc., a fast and easy solution is what you need. Online service is the answer.

When considering an online repair service, consider an online repair tool that you can run yourself without any loss of data or applications.  There are major advantages to an online repair, the main one being the ease of use and the speed (it’s fast!!!).  You really don’t want to unplug the machine, lug the heavy thing into your car, drive it to a shop, and pick it up days later. Online repair service can be very easy and very fast, there is no data loss, you don’t lose the applications you downloaded, nothing changes in your settings, personal conveniences stay the same and automatic passwords still work.  Online repair can also cost much less. On average, online repair is 150% less than a technician, and 500% less than buying a new computer.

What To Look For In An Online Repair Service

When using an online repair service, make sure that all changes can be easily “undone”.  In other words, if you don’t like the outcome of the repair, then you can simply revert back to the previous state, before those changes were applied.  A free scan is always important to have in order to see what the utility will actually fix.  Make sure the utility can take care of the issues you are frustrated with such as a slow computer, crashing and freezing, virus damage, and error messages.  Most likely to prevent error messages and really fix it , it does not only need to delete or remove files, it also needs to have the ability to fix and replace bad files in your system with fresh, new, original ones.

Don’t forget support. You may need some support if you encounter problems during the repair, or if you wish to have help while running the repair.  Also check for a 100% money back guarantee.  This is also a good indicator of the integrity of the PC repair company, and that they stand behind their product.

Now that you have fixed your computer, you are ready to start again with a clean slate.

Maybe you should have signed up for a lifetime subscription with that online repair service?

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