May 7, 2009

Report: Hackers Use Search Engines to Lure Users

195,000 people can be infected by single search engine… read more.

May 6, 2009

Researchers Bust Botnet

Hackers stole 70 GB of data… read more here.

May 4, 2009

Microsoft Prevents AutoRun Function

Company intends to ban automatic usage of USB drivers… Read more.

Apr 23, 2009
Valerie Hayworth

This Week’s Industry News

Here are the latest news in the PC repair industry that we have posted over the last week:

Apr 12, 2009
Valerie Hayworth

Is Windows XP Dead?

Time has finally ran out for Windows XP owners with Microsoft replacing free support of the operating system with a paid one. Users with a dysfunctional XP system will have to pay per incident, per the hour. This makes this manual repair process an expensive ordeal, while up until now it has been merely a cumbersome one.

Windows XP Support(ed)!

Happily, Reimage is still here to help with our state of the art automated PC repair technology and PC booster. automatically reinstalls an operating system and does not touch user data or applications, the repair takes an average of 22 minutes. You will never have to reinstall your XP again.

Apr 9, 2009
Valerie Hayworth

Reimage is a ‘Cool Vendor’ says Leading Industry Analyst Firm

Innovative Technology Company Developing Ground Breaking Products and Services Receives Prestigious Recognition–Companies Listed in the “Cool Vendor” Report are Innovative and Impactful and Intriguing New York, NY (PRWEB) April 8, 2009– Reimage is included in the list of “Cool Vendors” in the “Cool Vendors in Customer Service Strategies 2009″, by Michael Maoz and Johan Jacobs, March 3, 2009″ report by Gartner, Inc. According to the Gartner report, “Despite a difficult environment in which to raise equity, several companies in customer service and support area of CRM are developing innovative new products and services.” It goes on to state, “The fact that Gartner had more than 10 candidates for our cool vendors in customer service strategies research illustrates the criticality of customer service at all points in the economy, but especially when there is a need to lower operational costs without undercutting the level of service.” The complete report is available to Gartner clients at

Apr 7, 2009

New Microsoft Applications Slow Down XP

Reimage’s internal reporting system has been showing that there is an increase in the number of repairs with the following combo: Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Media Player 11. So why are we seeing more of these upgrades? It seems like people that chose to stay with their old PC do not upgrade to Vista (here is an odd case. The reason may be that:

  1. Their hardware  wouldn’t support it well (too weak and Vista drivers that are needed for legacy hardware are sometimes hard to find).
Apr 1, 2009
Valerie Hayworth

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