Jan 31, 2011

Reimage User Statistics: Average number of DLL files replaced during repair

This month, since we’re looking into DLL errors – we’ve compiled some statistics on the average number of DLL files that Reimage replaced (per operating system, in the last 6 months) and compared it to the number of system DLL files present on each operating system. This bar graph also shows you the percentage of system DLL files Reimage replaced, out of the whole.

Jan 31, 2011
Valerie Hayworth

Are You Causing Your PC’s DLL Errors?

Your Guide to DLL’s & DLL Errors

windows xp dll error message

A Windows XP DLL Error Message

What is a DLL Error?

A DLL error is the most common Windows error. You’ve likely had a message pop up, at least once or twice, informing you that a DLL error has occurred. If you’re like a lot of people, you probably shut your computer down and rebooted, hoping the problem had gone away. But, what exactly is a DLL error, and how does it affect your computer?

Jan 31, 2011

How often do you encounter a DLL error?

This month, we want to know: How often do you encounter a DLL error while using your computer?

How often do you encounter a DLL error?

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Jan 31, 2011

What Do You Think of Our New Look?

Our website has gone through a design overhaul! We have a cute new mascot. What do you think of our new look?

Please vote below then leave a comment! Everybody loves comments about their hard work!

What Do You Think of Our New Look?

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Jan 31, 2011

Reimage Boot CD Update

We recently had a question posted on this blog inquiring on what became of the Reimage boot CD. We did used to have a Reimage boot CD, quite  a while ago. But, since it was not a Reimage certified product, there were reliability and compatibility problems with Windows 7. So we decided to discontinue it.

We will start developing our in-house tool soon and make it available once again.

Stay tuned!

Jan 27, 2011
Valerie Hayworth

How to Check if a Website is Legitimate and Reputable

A 5-Point Checklist

1. Thoroughly Review Seals and Awards

Are there security seals? Click on them!

- Are they not clickable? – They may not be clickable in the product’s ad (a banner, etc.) -but should be on the  company’s web site.

    - Clickable?  Review the page that opens and check if it describes the certification of the exact same web site domain that you just came from.

      Do you see an award seal or is an award mentioned?

      - A company that received an important award will always be glad to give you a direct link to read more about it.

      Jan 26, 2011

      What to Do When Your PC Won’t Boot into Windows

      The Basic Guide to Troubleshooting Common Windows PC Problems

      1) Try Safe Mode First

      When your PC just won’t boot into Windows at all, you’ll probably want to start off with Safe Mode—use the F8 key right when the system starts up to access the menu and see if Windows will boot into Safe Mode. If you’re able to get into Windows, the problem is likely something that would load only when you boot normally—graphics card drivers, junk applications, or perhaps some spy ware applications.

      If Safe Mode Doesn’t Work

      Jan 26, 2011
      Valerie Hayworth

      Why You Don’t Need to Regularly Reinstall Windows

      One of the most persistent myths about Windows is that you need to reinstall the operating system regularly to keep it running at top performance. Let’s take a look at the real problem and how to fix it.

      Let’s talk a little bit about “Windows rot” and how to solve the problem. Windows doesn’t slow down or “rot” if you were to just take care of your PC a little more. Follow these tips, and you won’t have to waste your precious time spend hours backing up data, installing from disc, and re-installing your essential applications.

      Jan 20, 2011

      How to Easily Remove Spyware & Adware in 4 Steps

      Spyware and adware are notoriously stubborn to get rid of. It can be frustrating doing it yourself. However, I’ve found a few basic steps you can take to make the process easier. If your system is heavily infested with spyware and/or adware, you’ll need to have access to a clean computer to download a couple of necessary spyware removal tools. Go to the public library and use their computer, or ask a friend to download the tools for you and burn them to a CD. If you’re going to use a USB drive to transfer downloaded files, make sure both computers have autorun disabled.

      Jan 16, 2011
      Valerie Hayworth

      3 Hair-Raising Facts About Your PC


      These are 3 things about your PC that will raise your hair on end:

      1. Your computer’s operating system begins to “rot” the minute you start working on it
      2. Viruses leave damage on your operating system, even after they are deleted
      3. Moving files and folders rearranges the “logic” of your computer, resulting in instability and crashes

        However, the good news is Reimage’s online PC repair program deals directly with all 3 problems!

        What does it diagnose?

        • Performance & stability problems
        • Security issues
        • Windows “rot”

        How does it work?