Jan 26, 2011
Valerie Hayworth

Why You Don’t Need to Regularly Reinstall Windows

One of the most persistent myths about Windows is that you need to reinstall the operating system regularly to keep it running at top performance. Let’s take a look at the real problem and how to fix it.

Let’s talk a little bit about “Windows rot” and how to solve the problem. Windows doesn’t slow down or “rot” if you were to just take care of your PC a little more. Follow these tips, and you won’t have to waste your precious time spend hours backing up data, installing from disc, and re-installing your essential applications.

Jan 20, 2011

How to Easily Remove Spyware & Adware in 4 Steps

Spyware and adware are notoriously stubborn to get rid of. It can be frustrating doing it yourself. However, I’ve found a few basic steps you can take to make the process easier. If your system is heavily infested with spyware and/or adware, you’ll need to have access to a clean computer to download a couple of necessary spyware removal tools. Go to the public library and use their computer, or ask a friend to download the tools for you and burn them to a CD. If you’re going to use a USB drive to transfer downloaded files, make sure both computers have autorun disabled.

Jan 16, 2011
Valerie Hayworth

3 Hair-Raising Facts About Your PC


These are 3 things about your PC that will raise your hair on end:

  1. Your computer’s operating system begins to “rot” the minute you start working on it
  2. Viruses leave damage on your operating system, even after they are deleted
  3. Moving files and folders rearranges the “logic” of your computer, resulting in instability and crashes

    However, the good news is Reimage’s online PC repair program deals directly with all 3 problems!

    What does it diagnose?

    • Performance & stability problems
    • Security issues
    • Windows “rot”

    How does it work?

    Dec 30, 2010
    Valerie Hayworth

    January Poll: What is your experience with registry cleaners?

    Please take a moment to vote in our monthly blog poll!

    What is your experience with registry cleaners?

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    Dec 30, 2010

    Reimage PC Repair Statistics: Avg # of Registry Keys Reset During Repair

    Here’s a bar graph depicting the number of registry keys and values in your Windows registry, per operating system. See how many your operating system configuration has when it’s freshly installed.

    reimage registry statistics

    Now look at how many registry keys Reimage resets during a repair, on average.

    Average Number of Registry Keys Reset by Reimage during repair, per operating system

    Average Number of Registry Keys Reset by Reimage during repair, per operating system

    Stay tuned…

    Stay tuned for more PC stats in our newsletters. Sign up to receive Reimage newsletters and exclusive offers.

    Dec 30, 2010
    Valerie Hayworth

    Registry 101 & Why Your Registry Cleaner is Useless

    10 Q&A’s about Your PC’s Registry & Registry Cleaners


    When I first came to Reimage, I had a lot to learn. I had no knowledge or experience in computer repair, being merely a content writer. My first few months working at Reimage, I had nothing but questions. One thing that completely mystified me was the topic of a computer’s registry and the role of registry cleaners in the PC repair market. I’d used them before on my own computer, in the effort to speed up PC performance and was convinced it was the be-all and end-all of home computer maintenance.

    Dec 20, 2010
    Valerie Hayworth

    Winners of the First Holiday License Key Giveaway Contest

    Without Reimage, about the ONLY way to really “Clean a Computer”
    is to put it in the trash. Reimage saved mine!

    - Sidney M. sent in a photo of him tossing his computer in the trash

    Earlier this month, we asked our readers to send in photos/images/drawings of the most creative way to clean a computer. We received some great entries – some funny and very clever!

    We want to thank you for all of your fantastic entries.

    All winners will receive their keys by email tomorrow, so if you entered the contest – Check your inbox!

    Nov 29, 2010
    Valerie Hayworth

    December Poll: How Old Is Your Computer?

    Please take a moment to vote in our December poll. We realize that some people have more than one computer so go ahead and tick off the ages of all of them!

    How old is your computer?

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    Nov 29, 2010
    Valerie Hayworth

    Reimage Holiday 2010 Creative Challenge

    Be Creative, Get an Annual License Key

    Unlimited ANNUAL License Keys Giveaway


    Show us the most creative way to clean a computer. Send us a picture, drawing, video, ice sculpture of you, your mom or your cat, cleaning a computer.

    Here are some examples of Eyal, our customer support manager, and Liron, our junior marketing assistant, cleaning theirs.


    • The most creative entries (judged by us) will win a free annual license key
    • Unlimited license keys to give away

    Hurry, the contest ends December 14, 2010!

    Nov 29, 2010

    8 Ways to Keep Your PC New – DIY Hardware Check-Up

    Tip 1. Check your hard drive’s “physical” health

    Most new and XP-era drives are equipped with Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, aka SMART reporting. SMART data is stored within the hard drive itself and can often alert you to impending problems before they get serious.

    It’s easy to check the SMART data. Two tools we recommend are PassMark’s DiskCheckup and Active@ DiskMonitorFree. Both programs are free for personal use and also come in commercial versions for organizations.

    Tip 2. Check your hard drive’s “logical” health

    Run chkdsk.exe to check the integrity of your hard drive’s files and to repair any errors.