Feb 6, 2011
Valerie Hayworth

Is there a FREE program like Reimage?

I get this question quite a bit. The short answer is: No. Let me explain why.

It All Adds Up

The sheer amount of work our developers and QA team put into maintaining Reimage’s repository would astound you. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way we can justify making Reimage free. And any company and/or program that claims to do what Reimage does, for free, is simply, well,  incorrect.

Reimage Actually Works

What makes Reimage unique from other PC software is our repository, or warehouse of “spare parts”. We give you access to clean, fresh and completely updated files, tailored to your specific operating system – every time you run Reimage’s repair. Have a look around on any free download site, in their PC repair software category and you’ll find many programs that offer to “clean” and/or rearrange your PC files – but not one that will completely refresh and replace your damaged and missing files.

This is one of those instances where you truly get what you pay for.


  • I came cross Reimage today and was thrilled with it. There are other tools that claim to do the same job but after testing one against Reimage, I wasn’t satisfied with the other cleaner’s test so came back and installed Reimage and have a happy lappy once again! I’m hoping to uninstall some software. Tried this morning and Windows Installer didn’t want to know so that test has yet to be run after the clean. After running the Reimage fix, I got almost four gigs back in hard drive space, everything runs faster, two horrible bugs were thrown out which I thought my A/V had already dealt with plus I can roam around the Internet without having to wait minutes at a time for each page to load, which has been a bugbear for a very long time. Reimage is awesome. Love it. Well worth the dosh (money)

  • I’m sorry to bother you .I just don’t have money like tha t.I’m 68 and on social so I thank you so much for your time.Forgive for take up your time.I just didn’t know I had messed it up so bad .Thanks for your time and concederatin. loretta trahan

  • did the reimage run in my pc if its run and dwinload refer tome about.
    thank you at all.

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