Aug 15, 2010
Valerie Hayworth

Reimage Is Now License Based For “Super Added Value” To Our Customers

How Reimage Works Now
Thanks to technological advances in the product, Reimage can now offer our customers a license repair key that is good for one year on any one computer. Up to now, customers purchased one repair at a time for each computer. With our ear to our customers, we listened to your needs, and with R&D muscle and QA testing, we upgraded the product to a one year license key. Now, with the license key, customers have the freedom to use Reimage as many times as necessary on their computer.

Essentially this means that you can use Reimage as many times as you want, for an entire year. This was requested by our customers who were not satisfied with the one key = one fix limitation – and we agreed! That’s the super added value we can now give our customers.

The license key will remain on your computer ready for you to use, and when launched will automatically update with the latest product version available. This license is ideal for customers who need to repair their PC frequently due to constant downloading, installing/uninstalling programs, and browsing and playing on the Internet.

What It Means To New Users
New users will experience the super added value of the license key by getting more for less with a one-time fee.

Customers Who Purchased Within the Last 30 Days
Reimage is making the annual license available to those customers who have purchased a repair key within 30 days from the 5th of August 2010. If you are within this purchase time, then click here to open a support ticket and extend your one-time repair key. Write in the subject line “Extend to license key”.

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  • An excellent move towards a flawless customer satisfaction guys.

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