Jul 26, 2011

PCWorld calls Reimage “A Fantastic Repair Utility “

PWorld MagazinePCWorld, the global computer magazine, recently published a rave review of Reimage, calling it “a miracle software” that actually “delivers on its promise”.

The highly respected online version of the monthly magazine, reviewed Reimage in its popular software and utility blog “Download This”. With so many software utilities and solutions available online, it’s easy to see the need for accurate credible reviews.

Reimage repairs and replaces the broken and corrupted Windows system files that are frequently and easily targeted by malware. Reimage has an updated arsenal of over 25 million pristine, certified Windows system files on its servers, ready to replace any file, in any version of Windows, still supported by Microsoft.

PC World tested Reimage on a machine with a faulty Windows 7 OS. The powerful repair tool only took 45 minutes to scan, assess and repair all of the problems. The reviewer, veteran tech-journalist Lee Mathews, was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of Reimage when it listed all of the system and stability problems on the PC, problems he was aware of before putting his machine to the test (such as crashes when using Novell Netware client, Teamviewer, and Google Chrome). Moreover, Mathews states that three days later he “had yet to experience a single crash” and his system was “running beautifully”.

That said, the article reports that Reimage was tested further by scanning multiple computers (running a wide variety of software), several times, without any problems whatsoever, concluding that “Reimage is a fantastic repair utility that can fix some of the ugliest Windows problems out there”.

Read the article at PCWorld.com here.

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  • My experiences with Reimage have been very similar to that of PC Worlds reviewer Lee Mathews in that I used it to successfully ‘reset’ one of my desktop PCs running Windows 7 Home Premium.

    This PC had been playing up for some time with unexplained crashes and lock ups and steadily getting worse.

    In truth I had considered using Reimage to fix a PC before but always dismissed the idea as I had read some old reviews that indicated it wasn’t always a ‘magic bullet’.

    My views on that have completely changed. I eventually decided to give it a go after getting increasingly fed up with fixing PCs the hard way by doing a complete re-installation of Windows with all of the nausea of reloading the operating system, previously installed programs and applications, backed up data email, photos music videos etc etc.

    I have tried other short-cuts in the past with various registry fixers etc and never had any luck but Reimage is a completely different story :)

    I ran the free scan and it told me about recent crashes I had experienced, scanned for viruses and malware and highlighted the fact that I was low on memory (which I already knew about but nice to have it confirmed).

    After this I was given the option to perform a ‘Fix’ of my ailing PC and I proceeded with a little trepidation!

    All went very smoothly with a few clicks of my mouse and around an hour later after a reboot of my system I was presented with a full report and a ‘just like new’ PC once again.

    That was around 5 months ago now and I can report that my PC has been working happily ever since :)

    I would recommend anyone who is on the fence or unsure about Reimage to give it a go. I for one will certainly be using this magnificent program in future for all of my Windows PCs when they need a repair of the Windows operating system.

    Reimage has most definitely become the best and easiest (you don’t even need your Windows installation disk or License key) method of fixing a Windows based PC in my opinion.

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