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Jan 27, 2011
Valerie Hayworth

How to Check if a Website is Legitimate and Reputable

A 5-Point Checklist

1. Thoroughly Review Seals and Awards

Are there security seals? Click on them!

- Are they not clickable? – They may not be clickable in the product’s ad (a banner, etc.) -but should be on the  company’s web site.

    - Clickable?  Review the page that opens and check if it describes the certification of the exact same web site domain that you just came from.

      Do you see an award seal or is an award mentioned?

      - A company that received an important award will always be glad to give you a direct link to read more about it.

      May 12, 2009

      Hackers Expose UC Berkeley Students Data

      The breach was not discovered for six months…

      read more.

      May 7, 2009

      Report: Hackers Use Search Engines to Lure Users

      195,000 people can be infected by single search engine… read more.