Oct 27, 2010

October Newsletter

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Reimage Reimage Newsletter – Oct 2010
Welcome to the Reimage Newsletter
Dear customer,
What’s new at Reimage?
Reimage now has a Repair Summary with detailed information about each repair performed. This summary shows exactly what was repaired is available to all customers. Customers can access the full report at the end of each repair.
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Sincerly your,
The Reimage Team
Surf the Web with Internet Explorer 9 –
Reimage Has Got You Covered
Surf the Web with IE 9 – Reimage Has Got You Covered

The virtual world is constantly updating, as we all know. Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 Beta on September 15, and with 75% of our customers using Internet Explorer as their browser, Reimage to work fast to have two things ready even before IE9 was released.

75% of Reimage customers use the Internet Explorer (IE) Browser
Out of all Reimage’s repairs – 75% use IE, 23% use Firefox, and 2% use other browsers
75% of Reimage customers use the Internet Explorer (IE) Browser
PC Tips
Upgrade Your Internet Browser

Use these links to download the latest IE Browsers.

Test your memory
Test your memory

How much do you remember about the Reimage web site? Take the test.

PC Maintainance
When do you update your browser?
  • When an update first comes out
  • I wait for feedback from trusted sources, then I update
  • When I absolutely have to
Last month’s results
Results of last month poll show 71% prefer to…
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