Jan 16, 2011
Valerie Hayworth

3 Hair-Raising Facts About Your PC


These are 3 things about your PC that will raise your hair on end:

  1. Your computer’s operating system begins to “rot” the minute you start working on it
  2. Viruses leave damage on your operating system, even after they are deleted
  3. Moving files and folders rearranges the “logic” of your computer, resulting in instability and crashes

    However, the good news is Reimage’s online PC repair program deals directly with all 3 problems!

    What does it diagnose?

    • Performance & stability problems
    • Security issues
    • Windows “rot”

    How does it work?

      • Refreshes Windows by deleting damaged files, and replaces them with new, clean files
      • Repairs virus damage piece by piece with spare parts from our online database
      • Restores operating stability by aligning all the files and folders in a working configuration

        Where do I begin?

        1. Use the free scan to detect & diagnose all your PC issues
        2. Immediately fix all errors found
        3. Enjoy your newly optimized, error-free PC!

        Start your free scan here

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