Sep 2, 2010

Windows Service Packs: A Look into Reimage User Stats

Reimage has been collecting data on Windows operating systems from many geo locations for several years. We’ve decided to release interesting statistics regarding PC’s. All information has been collected in accordance with our Privacy Policy, rest assured; we never collect any personal information.

More than 1/3 of Reimage users are running outdated Service Packs

  • Out of all Reimage repairs - 36.6% of OS’s are outdated
  • Out of all Reimage repairs - 63.4% of OS’s are up to date
More statistics

Windows XP
Out of all Reimage’s XP repairs - 34% are outdated

Windows Vista
Out of all Reimage’s  Vista repairs42% are outdated

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  • Is this software compatable with Windows 7 64Bit

    • Hi Louis, thanks for your question.

      Windows 64 bit is partially covered in the current version of Reimage’s repair. Our R&D group is working now on a much sophisticated engine to support all 64-bit Windows versions (XP, Vista and 7) – we’re planning to release it next month!

      You can always try the current fix we offer (that in most cases works) – and worst case scenario contact support for a full refund.

      See a full list of what Reimage fixes and doesn’t fix.

      - The Reimage Team

  • pcc ayar tutmuyor bir büyüyor bir küçülüyor ekran ayarını tutturamıyorum monittörüm uyumlu oldduğu haalde olmuyor bunu nasıl ddüzeltebilirim baan biliyorsanız tamamını yazmanızı rica ediyorum

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